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Are you interested in digital transformation and preparing your business for the future? Sanem Digital has been developing Web3 products to transform a variety of enterprises, giving them the tools to transition early into the future of business.

What is Web3?

You're probably aware of Web1 - aka the internet we all know and love, and the platform you're using now to view this page! Then came Web2, which was the user-generated content version of the web, championed by social media.

Web3 - also known as Web 3.0 - is the next evolution. It is our next big leap forward in terms of technology, and it will extend well beyond your internet browser. The core principle of Web3 is that it is decentralised. This means that the internet of the future will no longer be fully controlled, or 'owned' by governments and corporations.

What does this mean for you, and your business?

Businesses are already experimenting with Web3 tools. Early adopters of Web3 technologies are using them to better understand consumer behaviour, and as a result, more accurately (and competitively!) chart customer journeys and participate in those online communities. These efforts help build brands through greater transparency around supply, production, and distribution, boosting corporate governance and sustainability credentials.

Aspects of Web3 - such as virtual products, hybrid products, and decentralised ownership - deliver immediate business value. By experimenting in the Web3 space, brands are well positioned to take advantage of emerging technology to amplify and diversify their digital footprint.

How can Sanem Digital help?

Sanem Digital can help you develop a variety of Web3 projects, including:

NFTs - Non-fungible tokens

An NFT is a digital deed representing ownership over a unique digital object. These objects include everyday purchases and one-off collectibles, covering products such as aeroplane tickets, education degrees, sporting accomplishments (such as trophies or medals), art, music and other collectable items.

The reason NFTs are so valuable is because they are unique and secure. Each token is not just 'credible', but it is numbered and attached to a unique wallet. They are impossible to replicate, but relatively easy to trade and own.

NFTs for your business could include tickets to events, merchandise, certifications, products, and more.

The Metaverse

The Metaverse is virtual reality in the form of virtual worlds that continue to exist even when you're not logged into them, as well as augmented reality that combines aspects of the digital and physical worlds. All retail shopping experiences will soon be replicated in the Metaverse, consumers will be able to talk to shop attendants, compare competitors' products, make purchases, and have their goods delivered to their doorstep.

Sanem Digital can assist your business in turning your retail store into a Metaverse shopfront, ready for the needs of the future consumer.

DAO - Decentralised autonomous organisations

A DAO is an online hierarchy-less corporation that raises and spends money. All organisational decisions are voted on by members and executed by encoded rules on a blockchain. They are often formed by groups of strangers who are geographically dispersed but share a common goal, such as charities, or social media platforms.

DAO structures are commonly used to eliminate fraud and corruption in organisational ranks, increasing transparency, accountability and trust.


The most commonly known Web3 product, cryptocurrency, is currency that doesn't rely on a central bank, government or other intermediaries to hold inherent value. Cryptocurrency is a software that runs on the blockchain. There are currently thousands of cryptocurrencies in existence, but the most common ones you've likely heard of include Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Businesses are using cryptocurrencies to raise funding for innovative products and projects, such as kickstarter campaigns and more and more businesses are accepting cryptocurrency for purchases.

Need more information on Web3, and what it can do for you?

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