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Pioneering digital-first solutions for an interconnected world.

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We create products to cater to what consumers need… even if they might not know they need it yet!


Simplify, simplify, simplify… complex problems can be resolved by focussing on what needs to go right in a situation or business process, rather than trying to address what is wrong.


We create new value and new markets by connecting the best minds and capabilities to deliver world-class solutions.

At Sanem Investments we apply our three golden rules when it comes to the development of new ventures. They are core to all the strategic decisions made in relation to product development, which markets to enter and which industries to work with.

Our People

Sanem Investments is proud to support our innovative, creative, diverse team all of whom are passionate about creating new solutions and tackling complex challenges

Kim Rippin

Founder, Cinch HR

Matt Smith

Founder and CDO

Michael Moran

Founder and CEO

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What We Do

At Sanem Investments we create, build and partner to deliver world-class business solutions that are all about making our customers' lives easier. Our portfolio of products and brands support finance, Human Resources, Wellbeing programmes, travel and cutting edge workflow technology solutions.

Sanem Investments currently has operations in New Zealand, Australia and Canada.


Our financial portfolio of businesses are designed to support customers to optimise their financial future through insurance and mortgage services.

Foundation Advice Limited


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Human Resources

Our Human Resources portfolio provides one stop solutions to manage the complex requirements of the Human Resources function and support teams to be healthy and productive workplaces.

Cinch HR

Wellbeing Connection

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Sanem Digital is the incubator that operationalises innovative and new opportunities, taking them to market.

Workflow Technology



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